Waterlogic test lab

Innovating and evolving since 1992

From the very beginning, Waterlogic has set out to revolutionise the water dispenser industry.

Embracing cutting-edge technology and innovation to create an unrivalled range of hydration solutions whilst remaining fully committed to the environmental needs of our planet, has been the cornerstone of Waterlogic since 1992.

“Our mission from day one was to be a global provider of the best drinking water solutions and today we enjoy a prominent position in many countries. We are passionate about using technology to deliver safe, high quality drinking water in the most environmentally-sustainable way for our customers.”

Jeremy Ben-David
Founder and Group CEO Waterlogic

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1992 Establishes

1995 First UVC

2000 First plant

2004 China factory

2007 BioCote®

2010 Firewall®

2011 Stock Exchange

2013 Purezza

2015 Castik Capital

2016 UK prominence

2019 U.S. factory

2020 COVID-secure

2021 Culligan