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Today we've saved plastic bottles from landfill

Designed and built by Waterlogic, for Waterlogic

As a vertically-integrated player in the industry, we have pioneered and continue to innovate the application of advanced technology in the design and build of all our water dispensers so our customers can enjoy unparalleled quality.

Waterlogic production line
Waterlogic lab

Innovation at the heart of everything we do

Our unique technology is a big part of who we are and how we deliver the best quality water in the safest and most sustainable way. 

Our R&D and manufacturing plants in China, the U.S. and Australia produce over 150,000 dispensers annually and they employ over 370 highly trained staff. This strategically sound investment gives us complete control over our supply chain for greater and more efficient manufacturing output, to guarantee our customers outstanding standards of safety and functionality for their total peace of mind.

100% designed and built by Waterlogic

Waterlogic’s R&D and manufacturing facilities deliver the highest product quality and performance, the strictest hygiene protocols and the most technologically-advanced products.

  • 200,000

    customers served in over 70 countries
  • 150,000

    dispensers produced annually
  • 370+

    employees across 3 sites
  • 322

    trademarks, 93 patents, 28 design rights
  • 20

    years manufacturing experience
  • 3

    plants in China, the U.S. and Australia

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Greener thinking design and manufacturing

Finding solutions to using less water and energy, producing less waste and developing sustainable products that continue to use finite resources in an efficient way for the longest time, is our aim. By meeting our own green goals, we help our customers achieve theirs.

  • 23.8 billion

    23.8 billion

    single-use plastic bottles saved from landfill and oceans

  • 100%


    recyclable, non-toxic and non-hazardous materials used in the production of our dispensers

  • 30,881 tCO2e

    30,881 tCO2e

    saving by switching to R600a refrigerant gas (2017-2020)

  • 21,624


    dispensers refurbished and given a new lease of life (2020)

  • 90%


    LED lamps in China factory replacing harmful mercury fluorescent lighting

  • 329


    wooden pallets replaced with recyclable plastic alternatives extending service life, reusable for up to 15 years (2017-2020)

  • Zero


    packaging entering the China factory from our 500 suppliers is ever discarded, we return and recycle

  • 8


    buses take managers to and from the China factory each day, minimising emissions associated with travel

Download our Greener thinking guide here

Inside our China plant

Featuring multiple production lines, an R&D centre of excellence, a Water Sciences Centre, testing laboratories, warehousing and offices, the 270,000 square feet state-of-the-art facility ensures that every one of the dispensers we produce daily provides the same outstanding water quality, hygiene and functionality you expect from Waterlogic.

A significant investment has been made to make the facility kinder to the environment including:

  • A dust and VOC (volatile organic compounds) filtration system for the filter production line keeping the air cleaner.
  • Improved thermic insulation resulting in greater efficiency of the air conditioning systems, helping to save energy.
  • LED lighting installed on two floors which use less energy, last longer and do not contain hazardous liquid mercury.
  • Increased number of reusable and long-lasting plastic pallets and boxes to minimise the amount of single-use waste.

Proud to be “Country of Origin USA”

Opened in 2019, our 110,000 square feet facility in Dallas, Texas delivers the same unmatched product quality with a focus on locally-tailored R&D, technical service and product refurbishment, emphasising Waterlogic’s strong commitment to the U.S. and Canada.

The choice of location in Texas was due to its business climate, strategic locale, and significant growth profile. The U.S. factory frees up 35% of the production at our China facility to better serve the global Waterlogic family, and the Refurbishment Center of Excellence exceeds 1,000 as-good-as-new dispensers per month.

Billi in Australia

In 2018, we welcomed Billi premium integrated dispensers to the Waterlogic family. With the Billi acquisition came our manufacturing facility located in Melbourne, Australia established in 2006 with an annual capacity of almost 20,000 dispensers and an in-house R&D team dedicated to eco-friendly innovation.

Why choose Waterlogic

We recognise the importance of providing our customers with outstanding, reliable and unrivaled product performance and hygiene. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose Waterlogic:

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Firewall® UV Purification

Our Firewall® UVC technology safely purifies water up to 99.9999% bacteria-free and is guaranteed effective against the human strain of COVID-19.

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100% Owned R&D and manufacturing

Waterlogic’s own R&D and manufacturing facilities delivering the highest product quality and performance, the strictest hygiene protocols and the most technologically-advanced products.

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The world’s most highly certified dispensers

Independently tested and highly certified to strict quality standards by international water bodies, our products guarantee outstanding standards of safety and functionality.

Award-winning manufacturing

Our dedication to quality and innovation is why we have won the prestigious Foreign Direct Investment Award many times and why we continue to provide only the best products to our customers around the globe. This has helped us become the most certified water dispenser provider globally with over eight internationally-recognised certifications for our products.

We haven't stopped there, our management processes have also achieved ISO 9001 certification which proves that Waterlogic deliver Quality Management Systems (QMS), guaranteeing customer satisfaction, manufacturing consistency and low risk. All our factories are UL, NSF and ISO 14000 certified.

Committed to an ethical supply chain as signatories to the modern slavery act

As signatories to the modern slavery act, Waterlogic is committed to ensure that no slavery or human trafficking occurs within the Waterlogic Group or our supply chain across. Learn more about the actions we're taking as a business to deliver a product we can be proud of.

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