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Billi, a first for filtered boiling and chilled integrated systems

A truly innovative concept, the ground-breaking Billi brand was launched in the early 1990s in Australia and was the first to offer the choice of filtered boiling and chilled drinking water from a single tap and neatly concealed under-counter unit.


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A range of energy-efficient filtered water systems that offer the very best in innovation, superior performance and reliability.

Billi products

The Billi story

It all started in 1989 in Australia with the billy can, a pot used to boil water over an open fire for making tea and coffee as well as purifying water for the next day’s travel. The method of boiling water has gone through a considerable evolution over the centuries from the stove top kettle, to wall-mounted boilers and water coolers. As more workplaces chose filtered water, a safe, attractive alternative to standard appliances was essential.

Billi launched the world’s first under-counter boiling and chilled filtered water system in 1993. Now part of the Waterlogic family, Billi sets the benchmark for innovation and design of under-counter drinking water systems, and continues to evolve with the adoption of Firewall® UVC purification in its Billi Firewall Tower unit.

Billi Australia

Billi UK

Billi tap

A premium brand of stylish tapware and space-saving design

A favourite with consumers, corporate offices and hospitality establishments due to the sophisticated tapware and space-saving under-counter design, Billi delivers energy-efficient filtered water on tap.

  • Elegant styling

    Modern, stylish tapware and matching font

  • Space-saving design

    Small and easy to install under-counter units

  • Choice and functionality

    Boiling, chilled, ambient and sparkling water in an instant

  • Energy-saving performance

    Unique water-cooled technology achieves substantial energy savings

  • Boiling water safety features

    A safe and energy-efficient alternative to the kettle

  • Great-tasting filtered water

    Superior quality and great-tasting water time after time.

One of the world’s most trusted and widely recognised ecolabels

Proud to be GreenTag certified

Billi integrated dispensers are renowned for their eco-focus, ensuring the sustainable appliances go beyond water and energy-saving to reduce consumption and limit waste.

Energy-saving performance and waste efficiency

Billi’s unique water-cooled Heat-Exchange technology recovers the waste heat energy produced in the chilling process to preheat the boiling water, achieving substantial energy savings. The thermodynamic technology not only ensures our water-cooled systems are energy-efficient but that the associated water usage is kept to an absolute minimum too.

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