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The ultimate, non-electric block salt water softener.

Enjoy softened water at home 24 hours a day, 7 day a week.


Why choose a Minimax M3 Water Softener?​

Small and compact, the Minimax M3 is designed to be fitted under the sink allowing softened water to be availble 24 hours a day without compromising space.

  • Non-electric, great efficiency and low running costs

    With a focus on sustainability, Minimax is built with no timers, motors or complicated programming. It is non-electric, saving energy and offers outstanding efficiency in both salt and water usage.

  • Twin parallel cylinder system

    The twin cylinder allows for softened water 24 hours a day with more than enough capacity to supply softened water to a large family.

  • Smart shuttle metering

    Using breakthrough technology, this water softener includes smart shuttle metering, which is designed and manufactured to cater for all plumbing systems.

  • Accurate metering for maximum flow rates

    Displacement meters allow the Minimax M3 to regenerate with absolute accuracy, giving it a huge advantage over other designs that use less accurate paddle wheel metering systems.

Minimax M3 Water Softener
No limescale

Hard water vs soft water​

What are the seven wonders of Minimax M3? 
Softened water has many benefits for the family and home.​

Shinier home

  • Less limescale on kitchen and bathroom surfaces​
  • No residue left behind on glassware and crockery​
  • Less time for house cleaning needed

Less time cleaning​

  • Reduced limescale cuts down on scrubbing​
  • Cleaning lasts longer with less build-up

Soft on skin

  • More lather means you can use fewer abrasive products on skin​​
  • Simple soaps produce as much lather as bubble baths but there is no residue on the skin

Fewer products​​

  • Less scale and scum means that you will require fewer and less expensive products
  • Softened water lathers better so less of the same product is needed

Bigger bubble baths​​

  • Less scum means more bubbles​
  • Use fewer products and save money​
  • Products lather better​
Softened water
No limescale

Longer lasting appliances​

  • With no hard water running through your appliances there will be no scale​
  • Scale can fur up heating elements​
  • Appliances will become more efficient and last longer​

Cheaper bills​​​

  • Pipes descale over time making your hot water system more efficient​
  • You will use fewer products throughout the home, saving money​
  • Household appliances last longer​

How water softener maintenance works​

Maintenance that requires very little effort 

In order to make water softener regeneration possible, all you need to do is keep the softener topped with block salt. Adding salt is quick and easy.


Minimax salt is sold in block form which fills the compartment that is assessed via the front of the unit. There’s no need to move the unit or struggle to access the salt entry point; it’s all easily within reach and takes a matter of seconds.

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