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Waterlogic’s commitment to a sustainable future

The damage being done to our planet by single-use plastic pollution and unnecessary high carbon emissions is one of the most pressing issues of our time.

We have a responsibility to do whatever we can to change and improve this situation, and we continually work to reduce the negative impact we have on the natural world, as well as providing the tools for our customers to do the same.

Going for Green

Going for Green

We have set two ambitious sustainability targets from our 2020 baseline, which are linked to our financing.

  • Reduce carbon emissions by 2.5%

    Reduce carbon emissions by 2.5%

    2.5% annual reduction of Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions (on-site use of liquid fuel and gas, use of fuel in owned vehicles, use of grid and renewable energy)

  • Reduce single-use plastic by 1 billion bottles

    Reduce single-use plastic by 1 billion bottles

    1 billion annual reduction in the number of single-use plastic bottles consumed by championing consumer change and growing the net installation of mains-fed dispensers

Our impact and performance in 2021

We thrive as a business because we seek better ways to do business; ways that are better for the people we interact with every day and better for the planet too.

Being a responsible business is not just about expressing our ambitions, it’s about what we do to fulfil them. We recognise the challenges we face to encourage behaviour change and to engage with our communities to make sustainable living commonplace in the future.

Watch the video for just a few of the contributions we made in 2021.


At Waterlogic, we are committed to helping eradicate plastic

The production and disposal of single-use plastic bottles continues to have a detrimental impact on our planet.

Globally, one million plastic bottles are bought every minute with just 9% recycled. By 2050, it is estimated that our oceans will contain more plastic waste than fish, with 12 billion metric tons of plastic in landfills taking more than 400 years to degrade. What’s more, the life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions from plastic gives rise to nearly 1.8 billion metric tons of CO2 a year; from petroleum extraction, manufacturing and transportation to incinerating and recycling. In fact, bottled water is 900 times more carbon intensive than drinking mains-fed water.

Sources: National Geographic; Euromonitor; World Economic Forum; University of California; Hydration in the Workplace.

Waterlogic helps save billions of plastic bottles from landfill and our oceans


freestanding and countertop dispensers globally


plastic bottles saved per person per day

25 users

per dispenser on average over 260 yearly working days

That’s a massive

25.2 billion

bottles saved a year

Bottle-filling stations cut plastic and provide on-the-go drinking water refills

1 million

DPD ‘Freefills’ recorded by May 2021


MIW bottle filling stations installed across London


trees planted by WCD in partnership with Ecologi

Continuing to work towards the

‘Freefill’ goal

Purezza helps hospitality customers remove single-use bottles


single-use plastic bottles removed from Four Seasons Miami Hotel


grams of CO2 saved


litres of water saved

Contributing to Purezza’s goal of replacing

30 million

single-use bottles every year

Greener consumables gives customers plastic-free choices


biodegradable cups replace plastic at Wates Construction per month

6.6 million

plastic-free cups ordered by a leading energy supplier in 2021


paper cone cups a month ordered on average by GXO Logistics

Zero plastic

contained in new cups which are fully recyclable and home compostable

Waterlogic stocks

Greener thinking design and manufacturing

We are committed to the responsible use of natural resources, continual development of clean technologies and the replacement of harmful substances with eco-friendly alternatives. Finding solutions to using less water and energy, producing less waste and developing sustainable products that continue to use finite resources in an efficient way for the longest time, is our aim. We are proud to conform to the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management systems (EMS) standard, underlining our serious commitment to managing our environmental responsibilities in a systematic manner.

  • 100%


    recyclable, non-toxic & non-hazardous materials used in the production of our dispensers

  • 0%


    BPA contained on our plastics

  • 36,609 tCO<sub>2</sub>e

    36,609 tCO<sub>2</sub>e

    saving by switching to R600a refrigerant gas (2017-2021)

  • 90%


    LED lamps in China factory replacing harmful mercury fluorescent lighting

  • In 2021

    In 2021

    we completely phased out the use of wooden pallets, replacing them with reusable plastic

  • Zero


    packaging entering the China factory from our 500 suppliers is ever discarded; we return and recycle

Cargo ship

Streamlining production to limit waste

Waterlogic accepts that the world faces immense resource depletion and pollution, and we recognise the need for truly sustainable leadership. Throughout our supply chain we are whole-heartedly committed to reducing our contribution to climate change in a responsible and sustainable way, and helping our customers to meet their own environmental objectives.

Increasing refurbishment to give dispensers a new lease of life

173kg CO<sub>2</sub>e

the carbon value of one dispenser relating to the components it uses


mains-fed dispensers refurbished globally in 2021


increase in dispenser refurbishment in 2021


increase in refurbishment targeted for 2022

Streamlining the supply chain with less inventory


Parts discontinued


dispensers removed from the supply chain

376.1 tCO<sub>2</sub>e

saved on components

9.7 tCO<sub>2</sub>e

saved on freight

That’s a total of

385.8 tCO2e

saved on components and freight

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