Environmental, Social and Governance

Waterlogic’s commitment to a sustainable future

Every day we drive change through our own organisation and the communities we touch with the goal of acting in the best interests of people and the environment. Our commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) aligns our business values whilst embedding responsible and ethical principles into everything we do.

Our impact and performance in 2021

We thrive as a business because we seek better ways to do business; ways that are better for the people we interact with every day and better for the planet too.

Being a responsible business is not just about expressing our ambitions, it’s about what we do to fulfil them. We recognise the challenges we face to encourage behaviour change and to engage with our communities to make sustainable living commonplace in the future.

Here are just some of the contributions we made in 2021 towards our seven key areas of focus.

Reducing the environmental impact of our goods and services

Finding solutions to using less water and energy, producing less waste and developing sustainable products that continue to use finite resources in an efficient way for the longest time, is our aim. We strive to reduce the environmental impact right across the supply chain, from design, manufacturing, distribution, installation, servicing, maintenance, refurbishment and end of life, to managing the carbon footprint of our offices. We are proud to conform to the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management systems (EMS) standard, underlining our serious commitment to managing our environmental responsibilities in a systematic manner.

Waterlogic stocks

How we did in 2021

  • 100%


    recyclable, non-toxic & non-hazardous materials used in the production of our dispensers

  • 36,881 tCO<sub>2</sub>e

    36,881 tCO<sub>2</sub>e

    saving by switching to R600a refrigerant gas in our dispensers (2017-2021)

  • 90%


    LED lamps in China factory replacing harmful mercury fluorescent lighting

  • 34.8 tCO<sub>2</sub>e

    34.8 tCO<sub>2</sub>e

    equivalent saving through central European distribution network

  • 27,350


    dispensers refurbished and given a new lease of life (+26%)

  • 19.4  tCO<sub>2</sub>e

    19.4 tCO<sub>2</sub>e

    saved on route optimisation (129,000 miles) in UK, Australia and U.S.

  • 100%


    climate-neutral parcel shipping in Germany

  • 10-15 years

    10-15 years

    lifespan of reusable plastic pallets, replacing wooden ones

  • 1.5m litres

    1.5m litres

    of washing water saved in new bottling plant

For more, download our ESG 2021 Report

Driving customer change for more responsibly sourced water

We have gone out of our way to help our customers remove the reliance on single-use plastic, reduce water and energy consumption, eliminate emissions from unnecessary plastics manufacturing and transportation, and limit waste. Care for the planet and its most precious resource runs through everything we do. We are continually working to reduce the negative impact we have on the natural world, as well as providing the tools for our customers to do the same.

Plastic waste on the beach

How we did in 2021

  • 25.2 billion

    25.2 billion

    single-use plastic bottles saved from landfill and oceans

  • 1 million

    1 million

    refills recorded alone by Waterlogic customer DPD (by May 2021)

  • 30 million

    30 million

    single-use bottles removed from the hospitality chain every year

  • 4,000+


    trees planted in partnership with Ecologi

  • 25 million

    25 million

    paper cone cups sold globally in 2021 (1 million in 2020)

  • 3 more

    3 more

    customers awarded the Oceansaver accolade for their commitment to plastic reduction

For more, download our ESG 2021 Report

Supporting consumer health and well-being through hygienic certified workplace solutions

We have always taken the provision of safe drinking water seriously. Access to potable water in the workplace is a right; it's vital for human health and well-being. Helping consumers access good quality hydration whilst achieving the highest standards of hygiene has remained a key focus for Waterlogic in 2021. We have continued to build upon our range of solutions to provide unrivalled purity and security to guarantee total peace of mind for our consumers across the world.

Responsible business

How we did in 2021

  • 99.999%


    effective against COVID-19 proving Firewall® technology safeguards the health of millions of users

  • 2 products

    2 products

    launched to enhance well-being and safety in the workplace; air purification and hand sanitisers

  • 1st bespoke

    1st bespoke

    Purezza Petalosa bottle launched offering peace of mind cleanliness for the hospitality sector

  • Launch of

    Launch of

    own autonomous infrared technology for touchless, hygienic dispensing

  • Essential


    range of hygiene-related consumables and accessories launched to meet demand of hygiene products

  • 4.4 stars

    4.4 stars

    'Excellent' TrustPilot customer satisfaction average rating in USA, France, Australia and UK (+22%)

For more, download our ESG 2021 Report

Building a rewarding and supportive culture of inclusion, diversity and well-being

The real fuel and energy behind Waterlogic’s growth and success comes from our people. Our people don’t just work for Waterlogic, they are Waterlogic. They’re what make our company great. We care about our employees’ health and well-being and we care about creating a vibrant and rewarding working environment that allows them to thrive. We practise an employee-focused culture where everyone is valued as an individual, has equal access to opportunities and is rewarded for their contributions to others and to the business.


How we did in 2021

  • 23


    trained Mental Health First Aiders appointed to support employee mental well-being and provide access to help

  • 230


    UK employees visit Wellness Area for advice and tips on leading a positive, healthy lifestyle

  • 482


    UK employees sign-up for Employee Assistance Programme access to advice and helplines

  • 1,005


    Australian employees view ‘In This Together‘ self-help modules providing tips to support mental well-being (+ 5%)

  • 50%


    gender pay gap improvement from 14.7% to 5.4% male/female difference

  • 75%


    of new senior management appointments in the UK are female

  • 86%


    of sites have a diversity policy

  • 20


    Kickstart placements opened in the UK for young at risk of long term unemployment

  • 1,200


    dispensers refurbished by people with disabilities

For more, download our ESG 2021 Report

Investing in our people and engaging in effective communication

Employee training, renumeration parity and good communication have been essential tools for Waterlogic in achieving productivity and maintaining strong trusting working relationships with our employees. This has been particularly important since the COVID-19 outbreak initially forced many people temporarily out of work or working remotely. We have invested time and energy into delivering clear lines of communication and ways to engage, and we remain committed to contributing toward a future our employees deserve.

Happy employee

How we did in 2021

  • 24


    employees trained through our Emerging Leaders and Business Leaders programmes

  • 250


    total attendees from around the world for three virtual sales and leadership workshops

  • 79%


    increase in employee retention resulting from Waterlogic University in the U.S.

  • 1,600


    average visits per month for global intranet-style platform

  • 2-way


    ‘People Forum‘ instrumental in establishing initiatives including advising on sustainability and diversity issues.

  • 720 employee

    720 employee

    contracts harmonised to ensure pay and benefit parity across the UK workforce

For more, download our ESG 2021 Report

Giving back to the community and making a real difference

There is no doubt the last couple of years have been a testing and challenging time for us all. However, in the midst of adversity have emerged some moments of pride for Waterlogic, as the generous community spirit of our employees continued to make a real difference to those in need around the world.

Children drinking clean water

How we did in 2021

  • 10,000


    canned items collected and donated to local U.S. food banks through casual clothing Friday

  • 5,000 €

    5,000 €

    donated by Waterlogic Germany to help charity Dig Deep provide PPE equipment for key workers in Kenya

  • 4,180 litres

    4,180 litres

    of drinking water supplied to Afghan refugees in temporary living accommodation

  • £497,000


    raised in 10 years through UK sales in support of the Make-A-Wish Foundation for young people fighting life-threatening conditions (up to end 2021)

  • 727 days

    727 days

    volunteering to be supported in the UK in 2022 as a result of the ‘Volunteer Day’ programme introduced in 2021

For more, download our ESG 2021 Report

Ensuring effective oversight through sound corporate governance and measurement

The operational and ultimate responsibility for the commitment to our ESG principles lies with Waterlogic’s Executive Management Team (EMT). The EMT govern and annually monitor and review compliance to company policies and relevant legislation to meet new business areas to ensure the Group continues to comply and identify areas in need of improvement.

Responsible business

How we did in 2021

  • 95% sites

    95% sites

    monitoring compliance with policies and procedures (72% in 2020)

  • 27% sites

    27% sites

    with ISO 14001 certificates (26%)

  • 100% sites

    100% sites

    compliant with local environmental regulations (95%)

  • 95% sites

    84% sites

    with an anti-corruption procedure or policy for suppliers (68%)

  • 77% sites

    68% sites

    with an independent anti-corruption procedure or policy (53%)

  • 100% sites

    100% sites

    With a code of ethics (95%)

  • 39% of employees

    39% of employees

    engaging in training/professional development

  • 100% sites

    100% sites

    with health and safety policy (95%)

For more, download our ESG 2021 Report

“The pioneering story of our 30-year journey as Waterlogic has been driven by our endeavour to bring safe and sustainable hydration to everyone, everywhere, and to treat people and the wonderful world we inherited with the utmost respect and dignity. I’m extremely proud to say that these values have defined who we are, and they remain the bedrock of our company purpose and culture today.

I’m incredibly proud of the integrity, resilience and diligence of everyone that works for Waterlogic. Our people have been critical to our success. A big thank you to all our employees for making our company a great place to work and for embedding responsible and ethical principles into everything they do, every single day."

Jeremy Ben-David
Founder and Group CEO Waterlogic

Responsible business

Thirsty for change and hungry for action

The driving forces behind achieving our purpose focus on our own contributions and helping other to achieve theirs. Remembering these guiding principles every day helps us to drive change through our own organisation and the communities we touch, to act with the best interests of people and the environment in everything we do:

  • Working to achieve significant positive environmental and social impacts helping our communities deliver against Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) ambitions.
  • Creating awareness within our communities of the societal and environmental effect of operations and how they can work towards mitigating harm.
  • Improving our own efficiencies to minimise the use of materials, energy consumption, waste and pollution generation.
  • Enabling employers to establish a better workplace providing safe and essential hydration to their people in the most sustainable and responsible way.

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