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Proven Protection In The World's First Antimicrobial Classroom


The scientists at BioCote® recently ran a live test to measure and compare the number of bacteria in two classrooms in the same primary school. This was a world first as never before had an antimicrobial classroom been put under the microscope. The objective was to see how well BioCote antimicrobial protection performs in the classroom environment in banishing bacteria.

How the Study was Created

The study involved two classrooms in the same primary school. The demographics of both classrooms were suitably comparable and both classrooms were used and cleaned as normal. For the study, one classroom was equipped with a range of products protected with BioCote antimicrobial technology. These items included the following BioCote incorporated products: computer desks, tables and bookcases, chairs, door handles, light switches, soap dispensers, cable trunking, storage trays and units, carpets, radiator covers, window handles, wall paint, wall cladding and of course a Waterlogic water dispenser. A second classroom was included in this study to serve as a control environment and included a standard water cooler, not produced by Waterlogic and not featuring antimicrobial protection.

The scientists at BioCote carried out these live tests to see how well BioCote performed in the school classroom. This was a perfect environment to test as classrooms present the classic factors that support the efficient spread of microbes of: close contact of people for prolonged periods, numerous commonly touched communal surfaces and isolated cleaning. Hygiene in these environments is, therefore, important in order to reduce the risk and consequences of microbial cross contamination. Inevitably, good hygiene guidance for education providers from government includes regular, thorough environmental cleaning.

As BioCote is exclusive to Waterlogic for water dispensers, this study was of particular interest to validate the bacteria protection offered around key areas of the dispenser.

The Results

The difference in total bacterial counts between the classrooms was an impressive 96.79% for the Waterlogic water dispenser featuring BioCote compared to the standard non-BioCote water dispenser in the unprotected room. A comparison of the average number of bacteria recovered from all BioCote treated products with all corresponding products in the control classroom revealed almost 96% less bacterial contamination in the antimicrobial classroom. [1]

“We are very proud to be part of the world’s first ‘antimicrobial classroom’. We were keen to undertake the study in a school environment due to the close contact nature of children in the school classroom - providing the perfect setting for potentially harmful bacteria to spread. We are happy to announce huge bacterial reductions on BioCote treated products, affirming our aim of a cleaner classroom for young children.”

Dr Richard Hastings, Technical Director and Microbiologist at BioCote



The Conclusion

With an average of 96% reduced counts of bacteria on the antimicrobial products, compared to the control classroom’s counterparts, it is a direct result of the products’ continued antimicrobial performance.

For the Waterlogic coolers this is extremely positive as with BioCote on key parts of the cooler it effectively protects from bacteria. From schools, to hospital, to office environments, this is great reassurance.

BioCote protected products, like Waterlogic water dispensers, come with the guarantee that before release into the market, products treated with BioCote® technology are validated for acceptably high antimicrobial efficacy.

Visit our BioCote web page to learn more about BioCote technology.

[1] Testing carried out by BioCote®. The results are the differences in average colony counts per product in the treated and untreated classrooms.