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February 24, 2022 – Waterlogic, a leading global designer, manufacturer, distributor, and service provider of purified drinking water, presents its latest Oceansaver Accolade to Four Seasons Hotel Miami. This accolade is given to organizations across the world that have taken steps to significantly reduce the use of single-use plastics. By making changes to eradicate the use of single-use plastics, we can prevent them from polluting the world’s oceans and reduce their impact on climate change.

The Four Seasons Hotel Miami switched to a more sustainable water solution with the objective of reducing the hotel’s reliance on single-use water bottles. This crucial step resulted in a direct impact on their carbon footprint with the hotel reporting that they removed almost 275,000 single-use plastic bottles per year.

The scale of this endeavour was significant. Staff at the hotel worked together to re-evaluate the provision of thousands of pre-filled water bottles used across the site, resulting in the investment of two bottle filling stations for the housekeeping team, as well as installing stations in the restaurant and pool area. By switching to a refillable premium water dispensing solution and eliminating 275,000 single-use plastic bottles, Four Seasons Miami have saved 22,770,000 grams of CO2 and 107,133 gallons of water.

The solution provides long-term environmental value through enabling the utilization of the locally sourced water to supply premium filtered water to their customers, significantly reducing transportation and logistics costs, and helping them to further reduce their impact on the environment. This takes away the need to ship bottles via delivery trucks, reducing unnecessary plastic waste and overall waste, with no bottles being sent to landfills.

“Four Seasons Hotel Miami is committed to sustainable and green initiatives, including reducing the use of single-use plastics. It is our responsibility to always look for more ways we can reduce our carbon footprint, and our impact on the environment for future generations. Our work with Waterlogic and the Purezza system is one of the ways we are achieving this, and the results speak for themselves.” Mikaela Caldera, PR & Communications Manager.

The Oceansaver Accolade program aligns with Waterlogic’s overall company mission to pioneer solutions that use less energy, produce less waste, and extend the use of finite global resources in the most efficient way. The company aims to reduce their own environmental impact right across their supply chain, from design, manufacturing, and distribution, to managing the carbon footprint in their offices.

The Purezza system, part of the Waterlogic family, was developed for the hospitality industry allowing venues to integrate sustainable practices and reduce the amount of pre-packaged bottled water going to landfills. By the end of 2020, in collaboration with their customers, Purezza helped remove around 60-million single-use bottles from the hospitality supply chain and is leading the movement to remove an additional 30 million single-use bottles year-on-year.

Harry Ostwald, Vice President of National Accounts and Specialty Products at Waterlogic Americas, commented, “Working with the team at Four Seasons Miami and supporting them with this initiative has been a really positive experience. We admire their commitment to focusing on sustainability at a time when hotels and the hospitality industry in general have faced enormous challenges due to the pandemic. We are delighted to be able to honor them with the Waterlogic Oceansaver Accolade and recognize the meaningful changes they have made to reduce their environmental impact.”

Waterlogic has already presented accolades to DPD UK, Goldman Sachs UK, Interserve on behalf of E.ON, the Iberostar Group and Ramsey Health Care in Australia, among others, and will continue to recognize deserving, sustainability-focused customers across the world.