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Waterlogic website wins ‘Outstanding Website’ award


Waterlogic, a leading designer, manufacturer and global distributor of point-of-use (“POU”) drinking water purification and dispensing systems has won an award for ‘Outstanding website’ from the Web Marketing Association. The awards are the equivalent of the ‘Golden Globes’ for websites and previous winners of the top award have included Disney, Harry Potter and British Airways. To visit the award winning website, go to: www.waterlogic.com

For the award, websites are judged by industry experts who assess the website on criteria such as content, copywriting, innovation and interactivity. Waterlogic’s nomination was submitted by web design agency, Loewy Design, who has worked with Waterlogic on the design, development and build of the new website.

The new website scored a fantastic 9.5 for design, whereas the average for the category was 7.9. One Web Awards judge commented: “LOVED THE SITE! Great design and layout, simple, crisp, clean and easy to stay on for a while. Nice use of drop down feature for extra info on pages. Great work!”, whilst another judge commented that the website has a “logical architecture and navigation”.

The new Waterlogic website is made up of seven different country websites all with a consistent look and feel. The websites were launched in conjunction with the Waterlogic rebrand, which offers a fresh, clean, exciting approach to the water cooler industry. The new website displays information on Waterlogic’s latest products, technology, unique selling points and the company. Customers can ask for more information, request a quote and find out how to become a Waterlogic partner. To visit the main website: www.waterlogic.com

Stephanie King, Group Marketing Executive, comments:
“I’m delighted to see the new website get the recognition it deserves. A lot of hard work has gone into the project and it has been a challenge to balance all the requirements from around the business. Congratulations to the team at Loewy and the Waterlogic Marketing team for all their efforts.”

Waterlogic also recently launched a dedicated website to promote their advanced UV water purification technology, Firewall. In addition, a new online partner area has been developed to share documents, videos and presentations throughout Waterlogic’s partner network.

Waterlogic manufactures and distributes water dispensers and coolers in 52 countries worldwide. They offer a wide range of water dispensers and UV water purifiers for the home and the workplace. Waterlogic’s innovative UV water purifier technology, Firewall, purifies drinking water to 99.9999% and acts as a barrier, preventing back contamination to the dispenser. It is the first of its kind in the industry and the first to receive both NSF/ANSI 55a Class A UV and NSF P231 certifications.

For more information about the award, please visit the Web Awards website.